Mr. Abdullah Gurukkal, resides in UAE, is a passionate health trainer in which he helps people to maintain their body in good shape through an effective practical approach. He has an unique methods to maintain the body weight which includes the nutritious food, minimum dose exercise, quality sleep, clean surroundings and mindfulness. Through his training people can understand the relationships of body, mind, food, water with health & fitness. Once you completed the program, your body shape,  longevity, beauty, fitness, etc will be improved.


As a health trainer, he has transformed the lifestyle of many individuals and groups in corporates and publics spreading UAE and India. His training lasts from 28 days till 90 days. Along with online classes, he is a public speaker in health & fitness through which he has been spreading awareness of eating habits, exercise mistakes, nutritious mistakes, etc. Since it is very vital to have a great health to achieve any of your goal, his training session will be really a great investment for your life journey.

Apart from health trainer, he is a freelance journalist mainly focusing on health & fitness. As an enthusiastic journalist, he has interviewed many health experts. He is a regular vlogger on social media and his health-related videos are broadcasted on many online channels. He also served as the Operation Head of “Big 14 News” online news channel operated from Kerala, India, and Dubai-UAE. Live discussion, panel moderation, debates, special stories, public opinion, etc were broadcasted many times. He has delivered keynote speeches on public events, community events, seminars, etc. He is regularly giving awareness to the public through social media, public events, etc. His passionate approaches towards the health betterment of the society through food nutrition, proper exercise, quality sleep, mindfulness, etc will bring a progressive change in human wellness.

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When the pandemic started, the movements where I live in Dubai were restricted. As the office work also started from home, I joined with Abdullah for a group fitness program. It was a bunch of fully enthusiastic members of 28 and the instructions we received through online platform were absolutely motivating during that isolated situation. The training program helped us to build a positivity throughout the days with a good food habits, systematic exercise, mindfulness, etc. Thank You Abdullah.

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