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Ansha Anees  is a village grown budding Anchor. Communication is the most important skill required to excel in any fields in the most competitive word .
Ansha Anees is a  student from India  who thrives to put forward the best in her 'talks'. Currently studying in 5th grade at GHS, Mankada(India), She has shown her extreme confidence and competitive skills in various fields. Capable of putting out words, in presentations, on recent topics, has paved the way to expel herself in the field of anchoring. She has established her expertise in communication skills with high level of confidence in her achievement of playing the role of an anchor at the Wisdom Balavedhi.  She has also put up her talents at the Union Kingdom 2020 Mega Event, in which she was crowned as the winner. She has also exposed herself as a youtuber, under the title "Anshas World", by providing english grammar tips, speeches, experience talks, stories etc for her viewers. Ansha has also projected her acting skills in her tik-tok vedios. Being capable of grasping things easily, she found her efforts light weighted which lets her shine in her academics too. She also find happiness in doing works of art like drawing and crafts.
As a part of intense throb for inventing herself in expressing out thoughts, she is here taking up this passion throughout her journey.

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Ansha Anees is an enthusiastic presenter who is confident and capable of handling any occasion with her whit, flair of language and gracious appearance . She has made a niche for herself in anchoring and hosting events in this tender age

Jouharali Thankayathil ,

General Manager Keralabhooshanam, Socio cultural activist

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