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57 years of life experience of Mr. Ayyub P Manjiyil coupled with beginning of inner journey now transcends to holistic business where economics follow values. 
Human beings mostly recognize The Supreme Being and we are the spark of That. However, we often miss to recognize the other being within us. Who is that being?
The answer is “The mind!”
Science still in a dilemma of fixing that being, where is the abode of this being-in the brain? Now they say not in the brain, is it matter, or subtle-it has both characteristics, who are this being's partners-both cognitive and non-cognitive association, is this being dead if no memory- science say mind only works with memory, yoga says not, and so on. Neuroscientists have progressed well these days and have some clarity that mind is not a product of the brain but a separate entity and it is everywhere inside the body and beyond.
Every human being is given a supercomputer- the brain. How one would operate it shall make a difference. Mind can deeply influence the intellectual brain in decision making. So mind can be creator, preserver and creator. It distracts every 4.5 to 8 seconds with various objects. It works based on the inputs from the 5 sense organs which process in the brain.

Since the new finding of Neuroscientists underlines that we can develop (positively or negatively) our brain on a daily basis by increasing the number, structure, and function of trillions of dendrites in the neurons, mind is only tool that human beings can depend who is not in our control most of the times -if it is not trained so. Love & empathy are the super food for mind.
Today we human beings face new challenges of survival, of chronic diseases, of economic uncertainties, of natural calamities, of fear business, and finally of the pandemic Covid 19. Sametime we are in steady progress of AI driven automation! Next generation accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, drivers and so on will fail to robotic processes!! A new class of workers have been predicted by Mr. Yuval Noah Harari which is 'useless class'. 
We human beings now learnt that we can't overcome these challenges as individuals. We have to be human beings who share same source of mind, earth, water, agni, air and sky. The beauty is we are not just biochemical algorithms provided we are not slave to our minds. We can train our mind, by giving the right food. As per science mind can only work with memory which we call knowledge. Transcend knowledge to wisdom and open the door of abound of intelligence. 
Rise! Use the mind as your key enabler of your intellect and explore the unlimited potential of intelligence within us and beyond. Be aware under the Supreme Consciousness, the built-in intelligence of the brain and other organs and each our 38+ billion cells. 
Tail piece: Human Beings are creating these super computers & AI robots!
Rise! O Human Beings - transform the Mind as our real buddy!

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