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Mr. P.C. AHMED is an exceptional Speaker who conveys serious message with a mighty charm and wit.
He rekindle in the audience the unquenchable desire to think out of the box. 
He breeds fanatical followers who cannot imagine to do team building without him.
He is the quintessential speaker for any group who wants fun filled session with great spirits.
I recommend P.C Sir to all those who wants to unravel their potency and who to wish to gallup into the upper echelons of personality development. 


—  Edwin M. Sunny
Sales Manager(EMEA) - Samsotech International

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shadi dawi

sadik padikkal

-- hospitality,training,education,development

pc ahmad-- marketing,Hypnotherapy,counselling ,training


Holistic medicine,Biochemistry,Nueoro science,medicine


Holistic medicine,Homeopathy,Ayurveda,Naturopathy


Holistic medicine,Homeopathy,Ayurveda,Naturopathy






Business Unit Head, Interdev BI

Mr. Mahroof CM, Human Transformational  Architect and Happiness Instigator, is a Postgraduate in Software Engineering. He is now a business unit head in Interdev Business Intelligence, an offshoot of Interdev group. He started his career as the main trainer of Crime and Criminal Network Tracking System by Indian Police, Worked with Malayalam Film industry to reduce piracy and cyber crimes and he is an outstanding Cyber Security Engineer with certification as Ethical hacker, and also proficient in blogging/vlogging. Currently he is the Curriculum  designer of Bi- School and Knowledge Synthesizer of Idea Factory. He has always been passionate about self-improvement. For as long as he can remember, he has been focusing on achieving more, in less time, for an optimal allocation of energy. It’s not surprising then that he has a longstanding interest in the subject of “biohacking" "Psychology" and "Neuroscience". Now one of his mission is to transform people's life just like how he hacks computers. He is already successful in helping thousands of people in transforming and is working with different programs on Hacking the human brain and body for Evolutionizing Human Performances.

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Group Operations & Business Development Director, F/B Retail

Shadi Dawi has over 23 years of business development, marketing & operations experience in Hospitality, Tourism & F & B retail within GCC, Mena Region & UAE (Mainly Dubai & Abu Dhabi). He also has an MBA in Hotel & Restaurants yet Business from Lebanese American University. To note that Shadi is a regional industry-recognized speaker, Professional Trainer, as well as “Public & Media Figure in UAE & Arab world’’ and an expert in Digital & Artificial intelligence Marketing, with a successful track record of achievements, hence he appeared on most international & local TV channels. Although, Shadi has occupied numerous key & C level positions with regional & world-class organizations in MENA region & UAE and he has managed international events like formula one Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas island concerts, Dubai international film festival 2007, Dubai Metro Opening, HH Dubai Crown Prince Faz3 Championships, and many others. At the moment he is the group operations & business development Director for UAE top-ranked conglomerate hospitality & F/B Retail organization. During his exposure in Region & UAE, Shadi has opened more than 12 high-end restaurants, 4 upper-scale catering companies & high-end pastries. Recently in 2018, he also added to his marketing portfolio the Beauty world trendy contest, Fashion & Cosmetics by managing international brands exhibitions & saloon SPA’s PR campaign. He also has done many successful “Grand Openings” & “Events Management” for leading restaurants, hotels perfume & garments shops in Dubai in prime locations like a boulevard, Dubai mall & Sheik Zayed road. Consequently, Shadi received a Certificate of Appreciation from H. H. Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai

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E-commerce lets the firms and individuals conduct business over the World wide web. 


He who has Health has hope,  and he who has hope has everything. Health is Wealth.


A good education is the bedrock for a better future .


Sell the problem you solve not the product. Retail is detail 


Manufacturing refers to a large-scale production of goods that converts raw materials, and components into finished products using manual labor or machines. 


Technology is the application of objective knowledge to the practical aims of human life. 


The business of buying and selling commodities, products, or services. 


The prevailing style during a particular time period . It is an aesthetic expression. 


Startup tends to be a shoestring operation, with initial funding from the founders.


Finance is the discipline around the management of money.

"Where Idea Transform

                                                   To Practice"

  • What is Idea Factory Pro ?
    Idea Factory Pro is an online networking place for knowledge workers, brand gallery of registered members like trainers, teachers, coaches, mentors, and counselors, in the same time it is a wiki like knowledge repository of new concepts presented in the style of a learning content and training presentation. Idea factory pro has two digital presence 1. Idea factory pro website 2. Idea factory pro you tube channel.
  • Why Idea Factory Pro?
    Idea Factory Pro is an online website and you tube channel to attract the abundant cognitive surplus spread across the glob. This platform can coordinate knowledge workers and passionate trainers.
  • How Idea Factory is functioning ?
    Collecting profile of the registered members, then idea factory will create a brand webpage for the approved members, conduct networking online and offline events for the members, if the members have unique idea to design a curriculum or syllabus on a particular learning program then the expert panel of idea factory will help the member to design the course with the new age academic compliance. If it is worth to promote idea factory help the members to deploy the recorded learning content on its MOOC platform named Bi- school, where the content can sell to millions of the people across the glob. The content designer can earn royalty based on the number of subscriptions. If the content is not qualified to promote on the MOCC platform then the content will publish in the you tube channel for free access.
  • Who can be the member of Idea Factory ?
    Any one of us can be the member of idea factory if we have some unique idea of learning or training idea to present. We categorize the members majorly as three 1. Extra special presenter 2. Concept evangelists 3. New age subject matter experts. The weightage of the presented idea will be as mentioned here below 60% for futuristic ideas 30% for contemporary subjects and 10% for the past thoughts and concepts.
  • How can I join Idea Factory network?
    You can contact our idea manager and present you idea if it qualify then our creative media team will guide and help you in video production process. Simultaneously the idea manager will collect the required information for your personal profiling in the idea factory web page. With the mutual consent and your personal affidavit idea factory will publish your page with the disclaimer. The time you get a special signed certificate of membership from idea factory platform evangelist. If your content qualify for BI-School then you get a official mail and special BI–School’s knowledge contributor badge from the bi- school platform wrangler.
  • What is extra special Idea presenters?
    The Idea contributor having some unique characteristics by birth, experience, achievements, recognition, came from abnormal life situation etc these people will be categorized in idea factory web site in a different class for their abnormal personality.
  • What is Concept Evangelist means ?
    The idea contributors who are the masters and authentic people about any particular concepts by their academic excellence or professional brilliance. Research fellows, professional trainers, teachers, qualified counselors and well established mentors are in the category
  • What is New Age Subject Experts means?
    These are the content contributors from the zee generation below 25 years old having novel ideas about new age skills and learning needs. They can design the 21st century survival programs which will help the highly rational young minds to comprehend fast and develop capabilities compliant to the new gen aspirations and empower them to be resilient on the millennial’s moral bugs.
  • How can I create a leading course?
    Contact our idea manager, fix appointment to hear you, present your online idea, have frequent brainstorming, design at par to idea factory instructional design standards, develop the concept in any of the transactionable medium prepare inquisitive materials. Follow the course design directions for which the idea manager and platform wrangler will hand hold you.
  • What are the process to showcase my learning courses in BI-SCHOOL?
    Your learning course must be compliant with the Bi-school instructional designing standards pl. you get that abstract from the platform wrangler.
  • How does the idea factory position and do branding for a resources person in its platform?
    This is an interesting process. Once the person get an official membership in idea factory by qualifying with the worth sharing idea and quality content production the the idea manger will engage with the resource person and collect all the credible information for profiling then depend up on the uniqueness of the idea, personality trait and life goal and purpose our’ branding craftsmen’ design a brilliant theme for you hence publish and boost in idea factory you tube channel and website.


“People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive”


—  Robert, Cap

New Age

Subject Experts

Happiness instigator
Happiness Advocate 
Transformational architect 
Happiness Manager: Customer support 
Ethical Hacker
Problem Wrangler
Digital Dynamo
Chief Chatter
Dream Alchemist