Jabeen ET is a Biotechnologist by profession, who have played for 2 plus years with a varied micro-organisms finding their lead roles in the countless natural processes in the Medical field and have trained a massive students under Life Sciences. She is an Educator who strongly believes that sharing is still the best way of Learning and Remembering things.  She is also a trained NLP practitioner , which lead her to be a successful family coach. She has established her expertise in Communication skills , Soft skills and Behavioral skills. The nature has pruned her to accentuate the hidden talents and now she is a vibrant Hindi trainer too. She is motivated to constantly develop her skills and grow professionally.

Specialist Fields

Medical field

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Life Science

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भारत - കേരളം

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What People Say 

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Ms. Jabeen has always demonstrated ambition and passion towards imparting sessions for mentees. She was genuinely interested in developing her skills and challenging her abilities as well as being a great role model for her peers. She always impressed me with her calm and calculated attitude. I believe any organization she is connected with benefits from her attitude and affinity to lead others. In addition to her passion to lead, she presented herself as a "mentor to her mentor " by supporting in my Hindi language learning endeavors. I highly recommend Ms. Jabeen to any leadership positions and I am pretty sure she will be an invaluable resource to any organization

Mr. Sayed Haris

 International Life skills Trainer RP, Macmillan Education

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