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Mr. Mahroof CM, Human Transformational  Architect and Happiness Instigator, is a Postgraduate in Software Engineering. He is now a business unit head in Interdev Business Intelligence, an offshoot of Interdev group. He started his career as the main trainer of Crime and Criminal Network Tracking System by Indian Police, Worked with Malayalam Film industry to reduce piracy and cyber crimes and he is an outstanding Cyber Security Engineer with certification as Ethical hacker, and also proficient in blogging/vlogging. Currently he is the Curriculum  designer of Bi- School and Knowledge Synthesizer of Idea Factory. He has always been passionate about self-improvement. For as long as he can remember, he has been focusing on achieving more, in less time, for an optimal allocation of energy. It’s not surprising then that he has a longstanding interest in the subject of “biohacking" "Psychology" and "Neuroscience". Now one of his mission is to transform people's life just like how he hacks computers. He is already successful in helping thousands of people in transforming and is working with different programs on Hacking the human brain and body for Evolutionizing Human Performances.

Specialist Fields

Cyber security

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Bio Hacking

Ethical hacking

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भारत - കേരളം

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What People Say 

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Mr. Mahroof is a passionate biohacker. His own transformation is a live example for us. His way of training/coaching is very simple and he will never keep any doubts unsolved. When we have such a coach who is self-transformed and so much passionate, we feel like making him the role model and sure we'll grow to a greater extent

 O M Abdullah Gurukkal


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