How strong is your immune system???

Having a strong immune system is very important and especially in the present scenario. But how many of you are aware of that whether your immune system is functioning

optimally ?!!

Well, let me start it with an example.. Imagine we are excited to attend the wedding function of some really important person of ours and the function is after 2 weeks. Pretty sure most of us will start planning on the same day when they had fixed their auspicious date.

And we make sure that everything is ready right from dress to cosmetics to gift so that we look entirely smart towards the end.

So the reason why I used this example is in the same way we must contribute a little at least for our body’s needs and be ready for the decades to come with an optimum immune system.

Measuring the level of immunity or the percentage of immunity on a daily basis is not that easy task. So instead if we are aware and follow certain factors that are required to boost up our immunity then those factors will never let our immunity down.


1. The air we breathe :

Breathing is an essential component for optimizing your health. It is not the quantity of air we breathe matters but the quality of air that enters.

Nowadays we spend most of the time indoors or we are being exposed to the polluted environments so receiving the fresh quality of air is really challenging.

The way we breathe also adds up to the immune system. *Shallow breathing* also called as chest breathing is the intake of minimal breath into the lungs and can be as a result of rapid breathing (in case of fear or anxiety) and hypoventilation. On the other hand *Deep breathing* produces relaxation. It is the process of breathing where we intake maximum amount of air in a relaxed state and thereby we feel the air entering much deeper in a systematic way. This type of breathing is associated with the better health and not the shallow breathes.

One of the breathing techniques to stay calm and fresh is THE BOX BREATHING technique

(https://youtu.be/UFZFp-pPs74 ).

2. The Water we drink :

Water is another vital source needed to keep up our immunity thereby by the health. Water helps to carry oxygen to our body cells that results in proper functioning of the different organs of our body. It also helps in the removal of toxins from the body and prevents the toxins from building up negative impact on our immune system.

And the point to be noted is neither milk or squash nor drinks add up as water. Its only water that counts as water. So, make sure that you stay hydrated to boost your immune system.

3. The quality Sleep :

The less you sleep the lesser will be the brain’s function. Poor sleep is linked with many diseases like memory issues, trouble with thinking and concentration, mood changes, weakened immunity, high blood pressure, weight gain, low sex drive, risk for diabetes. Risk for heart disease and what not…

So, it is important to get a quality sleep. Some of the tips that can ensure you a good sleep are:

· Avoid drinking coffee or tea at night

· Make sure to switch off the gadgets at least 2 hours before sleep

· It is advised to wait for about 2-3 hours before going to bed once you have had your dinner

· It is recommended to keep the room cool

· Practice meditation and forgiveness to calm yourself.

4. Food that we eat :

Food gives your body the fuel and raw materials it needs. Food supplies building materials like vitamins, minerals and proteins which plays an active role in the brain functions.

There are about 20 amino acids in our body out of which 11 are produced in our body and the rest 9 are to be taken from food.

It would be pretty much if you include a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, nuts and certain seeds etc.in your diet.

And if you are a non-vegetarian then do go for a variety of green leafy vegetables and nuts that include all types of the nutrients required for the body. Be aware that all the nutritional constituents are being met as it is bit difficult for the non-vegetarians.

5. Sunlight :

We have learned that sun is the ultimate source of energy. Do you know that sunlight also has got mood lift benefits apart from vitamin D in our body !!!

When your skin is exposed to sunlight it makes vitamin D from cholesterol that lies under the skin. Vitamin D has many essential roles in our body, it gives the signal to the cells for the production of calcium and phosphorous that are essential for maintaining a strong and healthy bones.

Sunlight and darkness also triggers the release of hormones in your brain. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin which acts as a mood booster and helps a person feel calm and focused. Low levels of serotonin are associated with a higher risk of major depression with seasonal pattern says healthline.com.

If you are conscious about this then for sure you will get into the top 1% healthy people list. So, it is up to you to protect your last line of defense. Stay healthy stay safe.


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