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Our Operational definition for Resource persons’ category and role.

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Our Operational definition for Resource person's category and role.

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The registered members will get chance to share their ideas and enrich concepts about learning ecosystem by giving and taking latest research findings, information about books, scholarly presentations and get an opportunity to participate in the academic brain storming, chance to present papers, publish articles and subscribe newsletters.

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Are you an Idea Master?


                                         Are you a Learner?

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Choose the Hierarchical model of learning taxonomy.

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Content Creators

Design you content as per this model

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Pick your course based on your need

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To impart latest and authentic information on a particular concept.
ILO: To be well informed.


Knowledge is the value-added form of information. Teachers will re- shape any information by giving their interpretations out of their knowledge, experience and imagination after which the information will gather more meaning, hence the learner will achieve deeper insight on the particular subject.

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Comprehension is the cohesive understanding of a particular idea.
It is a detailed concept by which a person can achieve the ultimate state  of knowledge which will be beyond the scope of the fixed syllabus still it strictly  fall in the larger scope of the curriculum
ILO:  Subject Mastery on a particular knowledge. 


Through a continuous learning process one can evolve into a stage  where the learner acquires a commendable mastery to apply and implement  those ideas in the given situation of  life and employment time. 
ILO: Capability to implement in the life scenario.

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Analytical skill is one of the top mastery level a person can reach through the rigorous learning process. Quality education on a concept 
make the learner capable to analyze any complex subject and segregate 
into difference category, priority, kind, level, quantity, quality etc..
ILO: Capability to create analytical parameters on the concept and 
to infer new intelligence.


When the learner reaches into one of the top most level of  learning capabilities, from there the learner can make sound judgement on any subject. Evaluation is a capacity to make a final judgement on any given situation. In this level the learner acquires supreme right on the subject and master  competency to make a final judgement.
ILO: Judgmental capability.

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The highest capability one can achieve in the learning process. In this stage learner acquires all the required capacity to innovate, synthesize and invent any idea or concept. The philosophical state of the subject.
ILO: Capacity to innovate and synthesize.

When the idea grips the masses, it will gather an instrumental power.