Updated: Jul 7, 2021

It begins with only you by dreaming big. In this world, there is nothing more important and there is nothing which can work faster to cast off your limitations instead of dreaming and fantasizing the wonderful person you can become. A prudent man once said that “You should dream your mind as big dreams only have the power to move the mind of a man”. When you start to dream big, the level of your self-esteem and confidence will go up immediately. You will find yourself more confident and powerful and the level of resilience will increase. The reason behind so many people accomplishing little is that they never allow themselves to imagine the kind of life which is possible for them and they accept that they cannot dream by being comfortable in their present situations.


Clarity is particularly important in life; without it you can't go further. Clarity means you need to be clear about who you are, what you want and where you are going. In short, clarity means to have a clear vision of your goals. After setting your extremely specific goals, the next step is to do something every day which helps you to get closer and closer towards your goal. The more you will progress towards accomplishing it, the greater it will enhance your self-belief and confidence and the universe will conspire to make it a reality faster. Goal oriented people have more clarity than those who do not have any clear vision about what they exactly want in their life. The goal-oriented people are likely to be mindful of their Management of time and tend to be interested in productivity techniques.



Competence means to become exceptionally good in the key areas of your chosen field. You can apply the rule of 80/20 to be competent in your chosen area. The rule states that you should focus on 20% of the tasks which gives 80% of the results. By doing this you are growing, and excellence is a moving target. Moreover, it will help you to become a better version of yourself.


Concentration is having the self-discipline to force yourself to concentrate single-mindedly,

particularly on one thing and stay with it until and unless it is completed.

Focus and concentration are the two powerful apparatus which I believe will take you to a next level in your life. Focus is basically knowing about the fact that what you want in your life or what you can do. Concentration is persevering without any distraction and diversion on a straight road.


Finally, I would like to inform you about a study which has been done to know the attitudes of the rich and the poor people. The research found that 85% of the rich people have a definite big goal in their life and they work on it all the time while this is not the case with the poor people. So, if you want to become rich, you need to do what they are doing. In short, just make one significant big goal and start working on it all the time and if you start doing this, surely the success will be yours and you can live your life without any limits.




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